Witches are among the most interesting characters when the author wants to include some evil and terror into a novel’s plot. Everybody knows witches, there is no need to write chapters of verse to describe them, just embellish on how malevolent a particular witch or coven is.

Everything associated with witches has connotations of evil, the way they are disfigured, their dress, where they live, and the dastardly companions they have. Here are some more witches from famous literature that would scare a fully grown man.

Morgan LeFey

Born out of the Arthurian legends Morgan LeFey went by many names such as Morgana and Morgaine. She existed in a time where witches were very much seen as an evil that could possibly challenge mankind. For centuries different religious and political groups hunted down and killed any person who was deemed to be a witch.

And in the Middle-Ages Morgan LeFey was about as powerful as evil witches came. Her feud with King Arthur and her obsession to bring his destruction bought this witch from the Isle of Avalon close to succeeding. Many different versions of Morgan LeFey appear in literature, and she even appears in modern-day Marvel stories. She is a classic witch, the stuff nightmares are made of.

The White Witch

The White Witch from the C.S Lewis novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is not your run of the mill, broomstick riding witch. She is beautiful and rides around in a spectacular sleigh, but don’t let that fool you. She is out and out evil. In a way being portrayed as a beautiful royal-like personage makes her even more terrifying.

She is a really strong willed witch who is determined to have her own way, she leads a brutal rebellion against her own sister, and facing defeat she quite happily destroys her own realm to deprive her enemy of the spoils. Such a malevolent act shows just how rotten to the core the White Witch actually is.

The Grand High Witch

Roald Dahl has to be one of the most creative writers of children’s novels, his characters virtually leap off the page at the reader and shake then into believing exactly who they are. The Grand High Witch is the leading character of The Witches, and she is evil personified. In this perverse world of Witches one rules the roost and she is a seriously nasty piece of work.

If her underlings disappoint her than she simply incinerates them as a deterrent to any of her other minions to not mess up. The Grand High Witch has one of the most sinister and devious plans that any witch has ever dreamed up. And that is for all her affiliate witches to open candy stores to lure unsuspecting kids into the shops to be first turned into mice and then murdered. Of course the plot does sound a little bloodthirsty for a kid’s book but Dahl handles it in his own consummate way.