Every time the Halloween is around the corner, a trend of goblins and ghosts tend to resurface. The  question is why does witches in particular and sorcery in general still arouse the interest of the majority of the people?


Another instance is the Salem Witch Museum which till date remained the museum with the highest number of visits in Massachusetts. This is beside the city’s Witch Memorial and the many documents of the trial at the Museum of Peabody Essex. The widespread like and fascination with everything that has to do with witchcraft also gets to the home where the play by Arthur Millers The Crucible in 1953 which shows the witch trials which is a part of the general social critique. John Allison he a singer and popular collector compiled a collection titled Witches and War Whoops. Even in our world today, we still see this age-long fascination with witchcraft.  For instance in 2016 during the Festival of Smithsonian Folklife, there was a performance the Sorginak a Basque band known as is an all-female band with a name that is translated as witches. One reasonable explanation for this age-long fascination for witchcraft is because of the unique skills possessed by the witches. As Allison write on his collection of notes, witches that were involved in the trial were known as agents of the setan imbibed with supernatural power to pressurize people.

alem Witch Museum

Modern Day

This explanation amongst others brings out a deftness or skills which the beings have in common. Roberta Goldstein in his works like “The Wood Burns Red” and Other Poems like a poem on just the skill. In the poem, a witch is portrayed as a sorceress with magical wade. In Ghana, a country in Africa, their stories of individuals who are known to possess healing powers and have control over natural elements such as water and fire. Also, in Haiti, merengue is known for its voodoo drum  or tambour which is a major part of the dance in the country. Nicolas Gutierrez a Dominican musician also known as Mano Bruja which is translated as witch hand sees this nickname as an endearment term. The artist got the name of his unique speed and skill in playing the traditional meringue. The endearment of these evil beings can also be said to come as a result of their mysterious nature. In Allison’s notes too, he considers the Salem witch trials as an informative case study for psychologist which suggest that adolescents who are subjected to unusual restrains will act out with a tricky behavior. Another area of interest is in the causes of sorcery and the fact of its victims.  In 1976, Linnda Caporael,  a psychologist released a scientific study which he referred the witch-like abnormalities to the ergot fungus, which is usually found in wheat-based foods and rye.

Every study of witchcraft reveals the information of the situations and its cons. Stories of this kind is drawn from superstitions like the Ancient belief of the romans.