Spirit realms refer to supernatural or astral realms that many people believe exist throughout the universe. These realms can’t be seem or touched and this is the basis why most people don’t believe in them or are skeptical of the idea of them. Spiritual beings are believed to exist in these realms that somehow coexist with the world we see around us. Many people began being very interested in this spirit realms but information can be quite difficult to find. We have listed some of the best sources to learn more about the spirit realms in order to help you on your spiritual journey.

There are many sources from which you can learn more about spirit realms. From books to websites, the information about this subject flows constantly.

Understanding the spiritual realm

Understanding the spiritual realm was written by Miguel Renteria. The books try to explain many experiences that happened to most of people like hearing unusual noises, feeling a presence in the room, premonitions and so on. The book is written in a very light way and it is easy to understand. The author focuses on explaining these phenomena and tying all these experiences to the spiritual world. The spirit realm is described as a friendly entity that can be understood and integrated in the human experience.

How to see in the spirit

How to see in the spirit was written by Michael R. Van Vlymen. The book focuses on methods of opening the eyes of the reader in order to connect with the spirit realm. The author tells that we are permanently surrounded by spirits that we don’t see or that we choose to ignore them. The book describes how a person can achieve this ability of seeing in the spirit world.

The school of seers: A practical guide on how to see in the unseen realm

The school of seers: A practical guide on how to see in the unseen realm was written by Jonathan Welton. He describes his personal experience with the spirit realm. The author explains how he managed to connect with this realm and how this experience changed his life. You will also get advice and methods on how to access this world and enjoy the marvels of the supernatural.

There are also many websites and blogs where you can learn more about the spirit realm. You will also get the change to read the stories of people that managed to see in the spirit realm and how this experience changed their life. Websites like explorespritism.com offer information about the spirit realm in different cultures and offers real stories of people that connected with this world. The website is very user-friendly and you will easily get all the information you need. Such blogs are beyondphysicalworld.com and seerssee.com. They both present scientific data in order to explain our connection with the spirit world and many other articles that present different cultures and personal experiences. They are very diverse and the scientific approach makes them easy to understand and because of that the content gets more relatable.