world that takes many forms and should be guarded against at all times. Ask any religious person if they believe in a god, and if they do there has to be a Satan or the equivalent in their religious teachings.

Most people in their own way are spiritual warriors and raise spiritual warfare at some level every day of their lives. But there are others who take this warfare to another level, to do this takes great understanding of what the spirit realm is and how to battle against evil.

Characteristics of a Spirit Warrior

To be a true spirit warrior you must have certain qualities, and if you have the majority of the attributes of the list below you are well on your way to becoming a spiritual warrior.

  • Courage
  • Awareness
  • Relentlessness
  • Discipline
  • Patience
  • Cunning
  • Love

The path of the warrior is far from easy, it can bring forth great challenges and require you to make great sacrifices. And when you are trying to get to the root of the problem behind ignorance it may well force you to question yourself.

So why do spiritual warriors fight spiritual warfare? The struggle can be a liberation of self-fears, doubts and help to open up your mind to new ideas. As well as giving you the satisfaction you are helping in a world transformation.

What Exactly is Spiritual Warfare?

There is a misconception that spiritual warfare is a singularly Christian concept, but other religions also make reference to fighting the good fight against evil. In the Buddhist religion it is classed more in terms of self-ignorance but essentially it means the same thing.

Spiritual warfare is the struggle of good versus evil, based broadly on religious beliefs in demons and spirits that are deemed to interfere with our daily lives.

Christians believe that they are in a daily struggle with demons but Christ has the power to defeat them, and to follow his teachings will ultimately destroy evil spirits. The best defense is to stay close to Christ and to believe in him.

Other religions teach us that you should show your faith by the way you live. And that being honest, loving, forgiving and understanding is the way to fight spiritual warfare, as no demons can find ways to attack you.

Most literature written on this subject has been penned by missionaries who have been forced to question the denial of the spirit kingdom by so many Western civilizations. They have based their writings on actual events and seeing first hand demonic possession. Other writings have been by theological scholars who have interpreted the bible on this theme. 

It is this uncertainty between the two great studies of spiritual warfare that throws up certain smoke and mirrors. However, the battle rages on and spiritual warriors are fighting it on their own terms in ways that suit them.