One of the main components of the spirit world is spiritual warfare, and as everything on this topic there seems to be a lot more smoke than fire. But a growing number of people are attracted to the idea of being a spirit warrior and to fight the good fight to ward off evil.

In Buddhist teaching a spirit warrior is somebody that combats the universal enemy in its many forms which could be self-ignorance. Always acting on an ethical impulse and with a brave and open mind.

Many people think that being a spirit warrior is a committed lifestyle that can only be followed by religious people such as priests etc. However the principles behind being a spirit warrior apply to each and every one of us, to be a better, kinder person who is willing to help others. So in essence everybody should be practicing to be a spirit warrior at some level in their daily lives.

Understanding the Spirit Realm

There are many facets to the spirit world that one must understand to fully comprehend how to prepare for battle and how best to defeat evil. Many people wrongly associate Satan as the main protagonist and the only force that has to be battled with, but this is not quite true.

Demons and not Satan

The struggle is not against Satan himself, more so against the demonic spirits that are assigned to each and every one of us. It is imperative that a spirit warrior understands this because otherwise you will not understand properly the conflict that you are involved in.

No Room for Complacency

The bible tells us that Jesus defeated Satan when he died on the cross, but it also goes on to say that the struggle is not over and skirmishes still occur. The demonic world is actively trying to derail your destiny and pull you into temptations such as robbery, killing, and destruction. As a spirit warrior you must always believe that any battle is never truly over, rather just a prelude to the next conflict.

Not Every Problem in Demonic

It is pretty easy to let your vocation as a spirit warrior sometimes cloud your perceptions. And in reality many problems do not have demons behind them. Searching just for a demon source of blame could just be leading you up the garden path, keep an open mind at all times and face each and every problem completely separately.

To Rebuke is Not the Answer

There are many so-called pious folk that call themselves spirit warriors, they prey regularly and are the first people to point a finger at wrongdoers. But in reality they do very little to help others apart from bringing bad attention to them. Do not get caught up in this common mistake, get on with your spiritual warfare quietly with the intention not to bring any unwarranted attention to people who have fallen off the correct path.

Being a spirit warrior has different degrees to it, living a life trying to better yourself and the lives of others around you could be classed as doing battle against evil. Remember, ignorance, lying, envy, can be just as evil as killing and violence.