“The spirit world is the world of thoughts, where those who have similar thoughts are attracted to each other, and those that have different thoughts are repelled.” – from “An Unshakable Mind”

This article will attempt to give you a closer look into the spirit realms and what they are. But this is a difficult thing to do, while there is a lot of information on what they are there is still a lot that is unknown and cannot be known, but the following is what can be found to be true to the best of human knowledge. The spirit realm is said to be a multilayer structure and is divide in many different and diverse layers or dimensions and these relate to the state of minds of the occupants or even the inhabitants of the realms. There are several realms, from the fourth realm to the ninth realm or dimension.  As the dimensions goes higher or increases, the closer the occupants are to the Almighty God.  The spirits become more spiritually free and become limitless beings as they ascend to higher dimensions, moving further away from worldly and human attributes. One of the most important potent gift in working with any of these realms is the understanding of the Trinity. Understanding how the Trinity operates, when they work in spirit, when they work with other people and noting their interaction and relationship which must be based on these three primary fields of awareness. Self-Awareness, other awareness, divine awareness – these are the three primary areas.

Of course, all that man knows about the spirit realms is based off speculation, there is little that is understood except that which is stated in the bible about the spirit realm. If you are a Bible reader and believer, then you will some believe that their ancestors inhabit the spirit realm and they must then honour them. Others think it’s a place of tranquillity and that it is where the angels reside along with people who have lived good lives and then died. The Bible states that we can know what has happened in the spirit realm because of the account of Jesus Christ. He of course came from the spirit realm. In his time of earth Jesus spoke of the heavens and where he came from and always spoke highly of it as well. Of course, not everyone believes in the Bible, so they may not believe what Jesus Christ had to say on the matter but those that do will find these scriptures interesting.

The spirit realms are such a fascinating subject and there is so much that can be learned about them and speculated as well. You no doubt have a curiosity about them and that is what brought you to this site. There are always things being said about them and more to learn so we will do our best to continue to provide you with up to date information on the spirit realm and what they truly mean to you.