Spiritual realms are the home of spirits, totems, demons elementals, symbolical mindscape and little gods. The reason behind the sky-high popularity of these TV-shows is their ability to bring out the universe’s mystery out thus acting as a bridge between us and our world. Below are some of the most popular TV shows that brought out the spiritual realm and went on to garner worldwide fame.

1. Spring Summer Autumn Winter and Spring

This South Korean film is based on a Buddhist monastery situated in the middle of a lake surrounded by forests in a remote locality in Korea, following the cycle of life of a Buddhist monk. In “Spring” a Buddhist master raises a young monk to follow the ways of wisdom and empathy while simultaneously embarking on infinite exercises. However, in “Summer” the young boy soon falls in love with a young girl brought to the monastery temporarily to heal. As a result of the growing love and sexual desire, the boy joins the girl in the modern world, but soon after he is jailed for killing his wife. Many years later, the apprentice returns to his master to reconcile with karma and seek spiritual redemption, which came at a high price.

2. Little Buddha

The movie’s plot is about a group of monks with Lama Norbu as their leader seeking out the rebirth of his great Buddhist instructor, Lama Dorje. The monks find a boy called Jesse Conrad who they see as the ideal candidate in Seattle, America. Jesse fancies the idea of reincarnation, but his parents think otherwise. Jesse’s parents turn on the monks after they suggest that they take Jesse with them to Bhutan to face tests. Later on, Jesse’s parents have a change of heart after the death of a close friend.

The friend’s death makes Jesse’s parents realize there is more to life than working and making money. Eventually, Jesse’s father Dean accompanies his son to the monastery to Bhujan. Upon reaching Nepal, Jesse and his father meet two other children Gita and Raju due to face the tests together alongside Jesse to identify the chosen one.

3. Peaceful Warrior

Dan Millman had it all; a world-class gymnast with a specialty in rings and was nicknamed “Lord of the Rings,” good grades and a woman magnet. Millman’s hard work and dedication were unquestionable with his eye on the Olympic trials due in about a year’s time. Millman believed he was best in the world and would, therefore, win the gold medal at the Olympic competition. However, he had fears that all would be taken away since something was amiss. During one of his sleepless nights, he met with a petrol station attendant who he sarcastically nicknamed Socrates due to his philosophical ideologies.

Later on, Dan got involved in an accident that resulted in a leg fracture which ended his dreams of participating in the Olympics. However, Socrates kept encouraging him not to give up on his passion by teaching Millman how to achieve his goals. Later on, Dan realized that Socrates was an illusion whose aim was to lead him to fulfill his lifelong dreams by preparing him adequately.