1.   The United States Declared Wicca A Religion In 1985

A court in the district of Virginia declared that Wicca is a religion for the First Amendment purposes in 1985. Members of the church adhere to a complex set of doctrines that related to the spiritual aspects of their lives. They also have a well-patterned leadership structure, ceremonies, and an elaborate doctrine. They believe in the concept of another world and need to improve the quality of life for others.

2. Some Witches Still Do Blood Rituals

News broke in 2015 of a Texan woman together with three other accomplices that held a victim captive to conduct a blood ritual. The victim who happens to be a woman was held captive for almost three days in a home around the San Antonio area. The victim was forced to ingest some drugs and participate in a certain blood ritual. The local sheriff’s department through its spokesman said that the act was a type of witchcraft in which the participants cut their hair and draw blood from victims. Modern witches are seen as peaceful and tolerant, but the case shows that there are still some bad eggs among them.

3. Witches Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is known as Samhain in the Wiccan religion. For Wiccans, the Halloween is a time to remember people that have died. They also assume that the period is a time when the veil that divides the living and the dead is at its weakest, and they take the opportunity to communicate. So they either honor the dead with a ritual or speak to them. According to a Witch named Lucya Starz, she said that she and her fellow witches engage in a specific ritual during the Halloween period. They put out all the lights except for a single candle and ask their loved ones who are long gone to join them for the evening. They sit in silence and wait for messages to come.

4. There Are Plenty of Male Witches

There are a lot of male witches out there. Also, male witches don’t like to be called warlocks because the term is used to identify a witch that is exiled from a coven.

5. Witches Do Believe In Good and Bad Forces

Unlike what most people think, witches do believe that there are good forces and bad forces, but they do not believe in satan. They believe that someone or something can have a positive force while other things or other persons can have a negative force. Not every witch out there believes in the mother goddess or the horned god. But they all believe in one thing which is that the devil does not exist.


6. A Witch Has A Familiar or Companion

Every witch has a familiar. The familiar serves as a counsel, companion, spy and Oracle to the witch. The purpose a familiar serves depends on the circumstance or the relationship between them. A Popular witch Sybil Leek has a familiar which is a jackdaw.