If you haven’t heard about Preacher than you owe it to yourself to delve into the weird and wonderfully dark world of Jesse Custer and his bizarre path to seek God. Based on the Vertigo graphic novels by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, the ongoing AMC series is a sight to behold and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime now. Here we get to peek into the lives of a southern Preacher (played by Dominic Cooper) as his quest to be more holy sees him adopt an awesome power from the heavens, the ability to make anyone do anything he asks. Though this may sound a little outlandish and somewhat outrageous (which it completely is), the world that Jesse and his friends live in shows some very different perspectives on classic spiritual elements that are truly fascinating. Below are some of the character types that give Preacher an authentic good versus evil feel while still keeping things entirely adult, mild spoilers ahead.

Angels And Demons

Some of the first characters Jesse crosses paths with on his quest to speak to God directly are Angels. In this show however Angels aren’t depicted as holier than though with white-feathered wings and halos. Instead here the angels look very much human, their main difference is that they have immortality. Here though this doesn’t mean that they get to escape the many grisly deaths that come their way, but instead after their body dies, another instantly reappears close by, meaning they are granted infinite extra lives. Later in the show we glimpse some of Hell’s arsenal that make life increasingly difficult for our protagonists, they too are not what you would expect either.



One of the main characters in the show is Joseph Gilgun’s hilarious Cassidy. Here much of the comic relief is delivered by a loveable and laid-back Irishman who loves to drink and do little else. The tropes of vampirism that remain here are: immortality, vulnerability to sunlight and restoration by blood drinking for the most part. Unlike the campy Dracula tales though, Cassidy doesn’t spend his time in a coffin (though his friend in a later season does revive this idea), instead he takes a black umbrella outdoors to avoid sun rays and keeps blood packs frozen for emergencies.


In Season 3 Jesse returns home to Angelville where he visits his so-called grandmother. Her we get a glimpse into the power of witches in the series. With powerful blood magic sealing people’s alliances and all manner of spells, tinctures and tricks those who practice the arcane arts have secured themselves a long and powerful reign on the small town they live in.

Twisted Deities

The show is all about finding God, but it probably isn’t the God you expect. The great thing about this show is that it completely does away with what your pre-conceived ideas of spiritual characters are. Though we have all been exposed to iconography of some sort, the characters within here are far from the romanticised versions you’ve seen in kids’ stories before. With a level of humour that evens out the gore and fiendish subject matter, Preacher is perfect for those who want to look at the world and everything beyond it from a vastly different perspective.