Spirit realms have fascinated us since the dawn of humanity and will for years to come. The possibility of afterlife and the fact that spirits may be living amongst us is simply fascinating. Many cultures embraced this idea and focused their whole spiritual life on worshiping the spirits of the dead and building shrines and altars for them. It was a constant theme in many cultures and even religions and it continues to be a subject of debate. The movie industry understood our fascination with this subject and fueled it even more with amazing productions. We have listed some of the best movies that present the spirit realms.


Shutter is a thriller/spirit movie that depicts the life of a couple after a tragic car accident. Their lives are forever modified by the presence of an unknown woman in all their photographs. Their careers as professional photographers spiral down as the presence of the killed woman from the car accident comes closer and closer. The movie presents the vengeful side of a restless spirit that had to die before the time was right.

Inner worlds, outer worlds

Inner worlds, outer worlds is a documentary that has as the main subject the connection between the human being with the superior realm of spirits. The movie is truly awakening and calls all of us to leave aside all of the cultural differences and to remember that we were all created equal in spirit and this is all that matters. The movie is very pleasant and the lessons are very precious for a fulfilled life and a calm spirit.

DMT: The spirit molecule

DMT: The spirit molecule presents the story of the transcendence of shamans and their connection with the spirit world. DMT is a molecule found in almost every living being and it is considered one of the most psychedelic drugs that help monks reach Nirvana. The movie is very pleasant and presents the journey of finding the spirit realm and how different people manage to connect with the spirits.


Samsara is a 2011 documentary filmed in over 25 countries on the course of five years. It presents the ups and downs of modern day society and how many cultures still rely on the help of spirits to get through their life. This documentary is truly amazing and it presents how different cultures connect with the spirit realm and how they pay respect for the help they receive from the spirits.

The Tibetan book of the Dead: The great liberation

The Tibetan book of the Dead: The great liberation is a documentary that presents the way people from the Tibetan culture connect with the spirits. The immersion in the local culture is amazing and it helps us to better understand the roots of their belief and how the harmony between the living and the dead is kept around these places.

I Origins

I Origins is one of the most popular movies about spirits. It presents the story of reincarnation and sustains the idea that spirits don’t die, they only switch bodies. The story is presented from the eyes of a molecular biologist in his quest for truth.