Since the dawn of humanity, spirit realms have been a constant in our lives and in various cultures as well. Ancient cultures considered that reality in entangled with the spirit world and strongly believed that spirits of the dead coexisted with them until the end of times. Many shrines were built in order to give these spirits a home and many traditions developed from this belief.

Modern times encountered a drastic decrease in our belief in supernatural thanks to the industrialization and the evolution of science. But many people still believe in the back of their head that spirit realms exist and they are very close to us. Many Christians contradict these traditional beliefs and tell that they contradict the Bible and the word of God. Still, many Christian cultures have traditions that involve the presence of the spirits.

Many modern cultures have traditions and celebrations that include the spirits. Halloween may be considered in many places a fun celebration for kids but in many countries this date marks the day when the border between the real world and the spirit world disappears. In many countries, like Mexico, people visit the graves of the beloved ones and talk with what they believe it is the spirit of the person they miss. Other cultures bring food and gifts at the graves of their relatives in order to give them supply for the afterlife. Others consider that a constant dialogue with the spirits of the deceased relatives is the fuel that keeps their spirit alive in the realm of the dead.

There are countless books written on this subject and the controversy of this theme is well known. Many believe that these beliefs are primitive and that there is no proof of afterlife or spirit realms. Even so, these traditions still exist. Japan has a very interesting subculture called Shinto. People have stones in their gardens and they are often seen having an inner dialogue with these rocks. These are considered the rest places of the spirits of the dead. And Japan is known for the technological advancement and science.

Many people had supernatural experiences and wanted an explanation for them. The easiest response came from those who believe in supernatural. There are many movies and TV shows that developed from our curiosity for the spirit realm and without a certain disclaimer from the scientist we continue to be fascinated with the possibility of afterlife and spirit world. An entire subculture developed around this theme and many claim to have met spirits or that they can contact the beloved ones in the spirit world. Even though this may sound crazy for some, there are many famous intellectuals that went to these spirit experts.

Modern day culture is very diverse and marks our curiosity and thirst for knowledge. The spirit realm will probably always have a place in our lives thanks to our fascination for this subject. There are many modern cultures that embrace this subject and keep the traditions that sometimes contrast the technological advancement.