Imagine a compound, I mean a closed compound, filled up with signals coming from Radios and TVs, although they cannot be seen physically, but if we could have a way of restructuring our sense organs, we would be able to see and hear the different kinds/types of signals been produced by these radios and TVs. Scientifically, radios and TVs have different signals generated through vibrations and/or Frequency. This enables each each signal to remain different from each other, free of interruption from other frequencies, even if they are all packed in the same environment. As long as the frequency of a particular station is set, there will be no interruption from other frequencies, but this does not mean that there are no other frequencies around.

In this same view, the world we live in can be likened to this. It is filled with countless numbers of realms. Realms existing even beyond the knowledge of science and man. Some consider this as a myth, other see it as just hearsay, but some also see it as a very real and serious issue, believing that if it can happen that our eyes and ears can be tuned, we would be able to see that there are more realms in existence in this world we live in. Many realms exist in the same space, but the distinction of each realm lies in the vibration of consciousness. This makes these realms unique and very discrete.. This  also explains why the activities of one realm will never disturb the other realm.

How do we access these realms?

Tuning-in to these realms can be done in some ways, one of which is Meditation ( a process where one can learn to adapt to a certain method in other to adjust the vibration of one’s consciousness.) It could be said theoretically that if we could have the right technology, our minds/ consciousness can be tuned -in to these various realms, using the same method as of radios and TVs. Although these technologies are still being developed and worked upon, but we can still see examples like the Instrumental Trans communication ITC.

Understanding the various realms

The infinite nature and the variety of these realms makes it a little bit cumbersome to understand them. In a study through history, it was discovered that some school of thought had tried classifying the realms into different ways. Also, religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Tibetan, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, etc.has tried to also classify these realms in their own way.

The Realms

  • The Physical Realm: A realm believe to be very dense, filled with matter and energies with slow vibrations.
  • The Quantum Realm: This is a realm classified as the mid realm. I.e. a realm that stands between the physical and astral realms. It is a place where some adjustment band preparations can be made by men, before proceeding
  • The Astral Realm:  It has a similarity with the physical world, but with structures and activities more flexible and malleable. People living in this realm are believed to be people who has once lived on Earth before.
  • The Ethereal Realm: This is the climax of all realms. It is formless and it consist of pure consciousness, the inhabitants exchanges information in a more efficient way, carrying more and higher quality than even the best and fastest supercomputers in our own world.