Leave your Body Behind Using These Methods

Like many people who believe in a place other than the reality that presents itself in front of us, you may have wondered about visiting such a place. An alternative reality, the astral plane, the spiritual realm whatever you may want to call it, another place exists that it seems your mind can escape to. This has been a foundation to many spiritual practices and belief systems throughout mans existence, and it seems in our ever crowded, highly artificial world, now more than ever we could do with an escape. So how do you get out of your head and your current shell?


Used by amateur Yogis and enlightened thinkers alike, meditation is a practice that encourages the quieting of the mind and is an excellent way to hone your skills in stillness. Now more than ever its easy to start meditation, there are hundreds of videos, books, classes and other tutorials out there that can guide you to stop thinking in the best way. There are even apps such as headspace which will guide you through the basics while the actual escapism is further down the line.

Sensory Depravation

If you want to hurry things along you can always try blocking out the world completely in order to release your mind. Having good meditative skills already will definitely help you out here, but newcomers are also welcome to give it a whirl. This activity is usually don’t in a small tank where salted water allows you to float in complete darkness. This might sound like some people’s nightmares, but having total silence and detachment from the world is surely an easy way to tune into your mind and where it may want to escape to.

Chaos Magic

This is a risky one as you may have guessed by its name. The practice of chaos magic is basically using the rituals and techniques of virtually any creed in an attempt to conjure up something otherworldly. Imagine a bunch of skeptics who have been given a spellbook, they aren’t expecting things to work but they try reading them all aloud anyway in hope that maybe something catches. This type of spiritual roulette has been known to result in various degrees of success, some delightful and some terrifying.


This is probably many peoples go to for leaving the world as we know it behind us. Psychedelic drugs have been in popular circulation since the 60’s and they have only gotten more and more potent. The risk here is that nobody knows what you will experience and on top of health risks, the mental toll of having a ‘bad trip’ can be life ruining. However, despite this millions all over the world drop acid or chew mushrooms in an attempt to take themselves somewhere like never before. One more recent addition to the usual suspects on the table is DMT. This mind altering drug is the active ingredient in ayahuasca; a plant used in rituals by shamans. People on DMT have experienced unprecedented escapes to other galaxies, met with other beings and been shown new perspectives that have positively influenced their daily lives. Where people go to on these crazy rides to elsewhere is still a great unknown, but something others are eager to take part in.